If any of you have wondered why I haven’t blogged or posted anything new for a while, It’s because I have been going through my own earthly transformation. I have been working with my clients, coaching and advising, and I am constantly reminded that many of you are still experiencing intense anxieties, health issues and all kinds of upheavals. And through all of this you are supposed to find a way to keep moving forward. As I have often said, “It’s not easy to live in a physical body!” If you are here, you have chosen to be incarnated during these times, to be born on earth and participate in the unfolding of a Divine Plan. You are an important part of the plan, whether you know it or not.

At the same time, the last 3 to 4 years seemed to keep many things on hold with nothing much happening to change your life, at least not in the way you may have expected. The feeling that pieces of you are being turned inside out is very much in line with what I see. My inner sight shows me the image of a spiraling process of evolution that has about reached a point of conversation, where whatever has been held inside is suddenly turned outward. And so, fighting with family, friends, business changes, health issues, struggling with your fear-based egos and trying to make things happen has made you anxious, angry, depressed and sad. You get the feeling that you can jump around and shake your fists all you want and still not bring about movement or change.

My inner sight also shows me that this is the time to listen to your heart and trust in your higher wisdom and guidance. Those are not just words, there is powerful energy attached to them. Read that again… close your eyes, and let the messages flow through you. You will feel the divine power of love. It will give you strength. You may need it the days ahead.

Living on earth sure can be complicated and I assume many of you are aware of whats going on. Our civil liberties seem to be disappearing, something is boring holes in our constitution, a fascist government may be looming in our future, along with a world financial crisis. Someone or something is steering the ship into treacherous waters.

For those of you who feel drawn to a divine presence, spend maybe 10 seconds a day to set your intentions clearly in your mind. One suggestion is to state: I create my own freedom. The deal is, the bad guys are about to play their last trump card so we can free ourselves from all this crap. Going to hell in a hand basket; not an issue. We are in one of the biggest challenges of our many lifetimes. I feel the moment is coming when we will finally see that much of what we have been fed, may not be the real truth.

I see huge events taking place between now and the fall of this year. Some may be good, and other events perhaps not so good. Get in touch with your intentions and put them out there. Ten seconds a day is not a lot to ask yourself… It’s not going to get better unless you change the script!