The Unseen World

The Unseen World [Kindle Edition]

Barbara’s book delves into dreams, spirits and much more.

For anyone who’s ever wondered how to contact a spirit guide, or wanted to interpret a dream or precognitive vision, or needed to turn away negative energies, this is the first and only comprehensive book to tell you how! Written in clear, straightforward language by clairvoyant and teacher Barbara Stabiner, THE UNSEEN WORLD is both a fascinating guide to the promises of the New Age and a helpful resource for exploring the remarkable potential of the human spirit in a time of great change and growth. Get it at Amazon Here.

You’ll learn:

How to contact your spirit guides and what to ask them
How to use crystals to build personal and professional power
How to read auras and spot possible health concerns
How to use gems of all kinds for therapy and healing
How to recognize — and interpret — your precognitive dreams
How to understand reincarnation and the karmic philosophy of life
How to do safe past-life regressions

THE UNSEEN WORLD gathers wisdom on dozens of subjects and provides practical help in making the most of the astonishing power within each of us.