Some “How To’s” To Develop Concentration And Techniques To Increase Psychic Energy

Exercise 1

Relax, breathe deeply. Make your mind a blank.

Decide where you would like to visit-a place, city, house. Have a destination in mind.

Create a pinpoint of light about nine inches above your forehead (above your third eye). Move toward that light.

Go into to that pinpoint of light.

Move the light gradually upward, out, beyond time and space.

Then move the light into the sky and from there to the point you have chosen to be your destination. while you are moving, see the terrain below as you would see it in flight. (Stay in that light).  Picture the cities, rivers, mountains, towns, and buildings you are moving toward.

Let the light descend at its destination, allow yourself to look around, picking up thoughts, feelings, visions, and voices.

Return using the same process. When you have come back to the starting point, make notes on what you sensed.


Exercise 2

Relax, breathe deeply. Make your mind a blank, create an empty screen.

Let your awareness float where it will.

Make note on what you see… what you hear, smell, taste, and so on.


Psychic Energy Aids Inspiration

To apply it is to reach a higher conscious high- grade energy for greater awareness to do what you wish to accomplish.  If you are a writer or a painter seek this inspiration.

Breathe in quickly to the count of five.

Hold your breath to the count of ten.  As you hold your breath, visualize a brilliant cloud of shimmering, pulsating silver-white radiance two or three feet over your head. See it being small and round, about two feet in diameter.

Then breathe out to the count of seven.  As you do, you will raise your consciousness up into the center of the cloud so that it pulls in, and contains your head and shoulders.  Do this with a rhythm.  Proceed to write or paint. When you get tired, rest.


Use Scent To Raise Psychic Energy

Use Tonquin Musk or V.S.P. Musk  (Do not take internally!) Purchase a swatch of suede fabric from a fabric store.

Place a few droplets on red or orange suede.  (This will increase your sensitivity, and help you make sound decisions).  Keep this piece of suede on your person or close to you.

This method  works especially well if you are run down or have depleted energy and need a quick pick me up.


How To Obtain Psychic Energy From A Tree

Be very conscious of what you are doing—- concentrate!

With bare feet, step on tree roots asking for your consciousness to open your intuitive energy. Breathe it in…

Touch your fingertips to the sharp ends of the needles of a living cedar tree or branch. (Cedar is good for unblocking the senses).