As we look around us, and view the global and environmental upheavals, we can step back from whatever emotion that comes to the surface, and begin to get the definite feeling that we are living in a totally new reality. More and more, do we think that nothing is or feels the same as it was even a few years ago? Duh… are we finally waking up? I am not talking about o own parents generation because now, in our time, we see costs going up, up, up, and money down, down, down. The way we live has more stress, inner turmoil more decisions, choices and challenges. You ask, “What is my path?… Where do we go from here?’. Not having much fun these days? With all the external energies swirling outside of us, I feel we are being driven to move inward. Question: Are we stuck?… Or, unstuck?! Answer: I feel we all are going through ascension symptoms.

Know that our evolutionary process is rapidly accelerating, along with new and heightened energies. We are all experiencing these changes in our own way and in our own time, according to where we are in the individual coding plan that was designed before birth.  Our ascension process relates relates to how we run our own individual energy, how we vibrate, our life’s experiences and perhaps what our beliefs are. Many sensitive people are feeling strange lately, from all of the turmoil mentioned above, along with our earth changes. I have listed some of the symptoms below so you can access what you are feeling.

  • Feelings of disorientation. Not being in 3D (dimensional) any longer. Senses are different.
  • Waking up at odd times during the night, between 3 and 4 a.m. It is the thinking time and for releasing of old energy. Aches and pains in different parts of the body. Trying to release blocked energy.
  • Short term memory loss. Experiencing a disconnect from the past. Some past experiences feel gone, evaporated, as the “now” is the way of the new world.
  • Days and days of extreme fatigue. The body is losing it’s density and going through intense restructuring.
  • Some have a need to eat often, while others experience a loss of desire for food. The body again, adjusting to new feelings.