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I’m back again to blurb and blog another post. Why did it take me so long? When the US election started in 2016, everything got topsy turvy and it was not my intent to work with political views.  The time is now to make new decisions because, at the precipice of change, we do and can evolve!  It’s the time as well to clean the slate and let go of even the perceptions of others, roll them off your shoulders and think for yourself.

Someone once asked me “Why do you always insist on taking the high road?”  I replied, “Why do you assume I see two roads?”  You know what you are feeling at this point of time, but where you can go seems a mystery because past years have been the same with the same old issues.  They haven’t gotten you anywhere, have they?…    Those folks who are conscious enough to move ahead are… and getting opposition from those that are frozen in time and cannot move on.  So…. things are not moving.  You can make the changes that you are hesitant on, say that apology, make that phone call, hire a lawyer to feel good about cleaning out.  You’ll never need again who you are saving. And what you are saving takes too much energy to hold on to too many things.  Maybe if you find your peace, things will fall into place.

Your depressions are merely anger without enthusiasm.  I always thought it was just human to suffer.  Now I see that just being alive is a special kind of bravery.  All of our blessings are given to us is for us to learn how to go inside ourselves.  Everything in life has a purpose.  There are no coincidences or mistakes.  If you are not working towards  finding your solutions, you are merely delaying what has to happen and be in a state of suspended denial.  Eleanor Roosevelt said “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.”

Have you been feeling spiritually paralyzed?  Perhaps with sadness or grief?  Have you felt lost without having a reason you can point to?  You are once again entering a period that brings about shifting energies and nobody seems to know what to do with them.  They bring up all that “I don’t know what to do next” stuff, along with “I don’t even know what I want anymore.”

The situation is this:  The veil between the dimensions is continuing to thin, at least that’s one way to describe what’s happening.  The truth is, there’s no real separation at all. It’s just that your focus is in the third dimensional physical reality and that makes you feel separate, but it’s an illusion.  The sensation of something thinning between the dimensions comes from a slowly expanding awareness that is happening from within.  You are beginning to perceive more and more of the way things really are.  As this is happening, there is a sense of loss.  And sometimes the thing that always looked so bright and shiny in your life, starts to lose it’s luster.

This is what you can do about it:  Try to embrace the changes in a spirit of cooperative energy.  Keep in mind that everyone is going through this, not just you.  Some are processing the changes a little faster but that doesn’t mean that they’re having an easier time.  If possible, spend an hour or two with like-minded people, perhaps in meditation or just conversation.  When you do this, a lot of power is generated, much like charging a battery.  The simple act of being together can help you build a reservoir of energy.  Don’t worry if the energy still feels stagnant or that nothing is changing.  Trust me, it is.

At the same time, let go of spending so many hours with all the technology you think makes life so much easier.  Taking a break from it, unplugging for a while now and then, will spark some clarity in the muddled bodies and brains that have become to reliant on pushing buttons.  Consider it an act of cleansing, healing, and recharging.  You should begin to feel a little less isolated and separate from life around you.  Listen for inner messages and be open to what is already within you to guide you on your new pathways.  Wiki doesn’t have this kind of information, but you do.  You are hardwired for it, If, you know what I mean.

-Einstein said, “You can solve problems using the same thinking that created them.”