That is, to your old belief systems? Remember, things that have been buried deep within you have been surfacing and accelerating faster than you thought. Old friends leaving, even furniture and things treasured have turned to dust or those garbage bags. That paring down occurred when you sat by yourself and for the first time feeling pangs of sadness and boredom.
Tiredness and also bursts of energy out of nowhere have been common as well. These extremes are finding you feeling new patterns and surprises within your own highs and lows.
They are NOT just depression! Breathe deep consciously during the day as these new
higher energies won’t allow for the density of resistance to take hold in the will to avoid change. Fearful feelings, resistance will be felt in greater impact, if, you make that choice to go there. Stop the drama and allow flow and expansion to help temper these shifts in energies. Again, deep breathing and sound work such as humming and music will help a great deal.
This whole year shall bring depth and levels of new awareness.
The 7th ray (violet ray) comes into its own. It is the spirituality of LOVE. More and more people will be feeling the love at a much deeper level. We break down old structures and are building a new system of balance while we still reside on this heavenly planet of choice. You did come back to learn here didn’t you?…

“Spiritual life is a lot like gardening. We kill and cultivate the garden of our heart, planting seeds of presence, openness and the ability to respect whatever arises. We water each one so the things which are beautiful in us can blossom” Jack Kornfield