We are now moving into a different territory where things can and will happen suddenly and without warning.  You may say your life has changed or is beginning to change?  HA!…Just wait.  There’s a lot more on the way.  Change is coming at you and, yes, it’s accelerating and intensifying.  You don’t know how these changes will manifest.  No one knows.  One thing is sure:  nothing feels as though it fits quite right anymore.

During July and August, try your best not to think too much.  It’s better to focus on finding and holding your balance, finding and holding your center.  You know how to ride a bicycle or walk without thinking.  Trust that kind of inner knowledge and use your intuition to feel your way through these couple of months.  Row your own boat instead of joining any group or crowd that isn’t in alignment with you.

Do your chores, tend the garden, spend time with the people you care about.  If possible, skip doing things that don’t feel right and disengage from the people who throw you off balance.  Continue to connect with those who are interested in a common goal.  YOU, your point of view, the way you see and experience the world, has been changing so it’s only natural that a lot of what is around you must also change.  It may feel bumpy, if you are in a state of fear and resistance.  Better to let go, breathe deep and imagine smooth sailing energy moving you forward.

This summer, instead of thinking so intensely, play at something, to balance yourself, create something, even something small.  If you feel stuck, try not to worry because it won’t last.  The changes are coming faster and it won’t be long before another wave crests.

When I suggest that you focus on finding and holding your balance, I’m not making small talk.  We are all experiencing flashes of hard times.  Some feel that the life they knew is completely gone.  There is more of that to come.  More intensity.  More change.  More shifting.  More challenges.  If you hold your balance now, find your internal footing, you will begin to feel the support of the Universe, the cosmos, your higher self, God…whatever you want to call it.  As we move through the middle of 2012, many of you have become more sensitive to the energies around you.  Let your senses reach out and reach within and you will feel great support welling up to assist you.  

The universe is supporting expansion now.  Dream a wonderful new picture of you and your life while relaxing at the beach or mowing the lawn or taking a walk and those are the seeds you will plant.  DREAM BIG.  When you are in a relaxed state and feeling inspired, keep notes on “what to do” to set things in motion.  New projects and creative ideas will give you the boost you’ve been waiting for.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.

On the spiritual plane our greatest transformation begins in the soul.  Allow that transformation to unfold within you and emanate through the heart center.  Sail on quietly and believe in yourself.

“Every man dies, but not every man lives”.  Garth Brooks