Here’s a tidbit you can use when you feel stressed, scared, or unbalanced:


The white light is an iridescent light that you place around yourself from head to toe. You can do this for yourself, your loved ones, your friends, or any other person with whom you come in contact. This will open up all the good energy and block off all negative energy, whether that energy is real or imagined. Negative energy cannot pass through the white light.

If you feel times of trouble, whether for yourself or for your loved ones, not only should you place this white light from head to toe around you or your loved one, but you should also visualize a wheel of light lying horizontally around you. You are the center of the wheel. You will have this wheel of white light revolving around you, as well as the white light from head to toe. This is the most intense use of white light as protection and is to be used only if you really feel it’s necessary, because usually the white light from head to toe will be quite sufficient.

You can put white light around anything, any animate or inanimate object or those of people around you, and put a vivid pink light around you or anyone you choose too. Pink is the color of universal love. This is a very high-vibration color, so be careful how you use it. None of the other colors in the rainbow is useful for protection. You can visualize yellow to increase your intellectual ability, or blue to increase your receptivity, but only white or vivid pink can be used as a protective shield. When you feel drained, you can energize yourself with white light. You can energize yourself also through the pink light of universal love. It can spread your aura out very far.


Stand with your feet comfortably apart, back erect, and you will feel the magnetic pull from the Earth. Keep your hands at your sides in a relaxed fashion, eyes closed. Just think of the polar core at the center of the Earth that you are going to tap into, and, believe it or not, you will feel energy entering through you feet or the tips of your fingers. You are going to feel tingling and you will feel this energy permeating through your whole body. I suggest you start off outdoors, with bare feet touching Mother Earth. As you get accustomed to that feeling, you will be able at any time-even with shoes on-to tap in to this energy.
You could be in a skyscraper thirty floors up and still be able to tap in to that magnetic core of the Earth and instantly re-energize yourself.

This is also a good means of protection. If there is a negative feeling within you, whether it is caused by disruption or anger, or just someone who has bad vibes and you want to change that atmosphere, go to the center of the Earth, to the core, and take in the opposite energy. If you have a negative energy around you, pull up a positive energy. If you have an overabundance of positive energy that is making you nervous, go into the core and pull up some negative energy to counterbalance that positive energy. It is important to be centered, so use your core as your energizer, and use your white light and your pink light as energizers and protection.

To make this a bit clearer: you will us e your white light and your pink light for the more emotional states, whereas the magnetic core of the Earth should be used for re-energizing or re-balancing out your physical state. If you feel fear, use your white or pink light. If your energy is dissipated, go to the core.

Try to use all three methods for their distinct purposes rather than just saying, “Well, I’ll just use the white light because that seems to be the cure-all.” If it’s just a physical think, use the core; if you feel mental or emotional disruption, use the white light; and only in intense circumstances use the vivid pink; as I mentioned before, it is an extremely high vibration. If at times, your energy flow is a little bit off balance, using the pink light might make you even more off balance. As you start to work with the white light, and the pink light and the core of Earth, you will better understanding of how this makes you feel.

The magnetic core is one of the prime bits of knowledge for Yoga students. It is pure concentration; it is the energizing that people who practice martial arts use, which is why there is that intense quiet before they strike. They are using all of the Earths energy, which is how they can almost defy gravity. There is a tremendous amount of power that will come to you mostly in the form of physical energy. As this physical energy is flowing through your body, you can transmute it into a concentrated mental energy. This is the mental energy called upon by the people who can break boards with their hands. This is also why there is that quiet stillness just before they strike the board.

This is the time with perpetual motion, and for quick and fast relief in the month of January, to really start to spark up your energy and delete the heaviness of what has been left over and dragging you down since last year.

You need movement to speed up impurities or negative energies you have come in contact with. As you visualize a windmill, see each spoke illuminated in light, and move the windmill in a fast motion picking up speed. With the power of thought you can transcend time and space and rid yourself of rancid energies from the earth plane. It serves as a gravity force to bring the alchemical process from the Universal energies into you.

#1. Create the image of a windmill inside of you.
#2. See it being put into the center of your heart.
Imagine it acting as a generator, a motion to cleanse and purify your energies or to pull by force that will release stuck or negative energy out of all your chakras. Imagine it moving at a faster speed turning clockwise.

#3. Picture in your mind, the windmill growing bigger and bigger as it rotates. Each spoke on the windmill is bright energizing light as it moves as though by a gravitational force faster and faster.

Then say the following prayer:
*I call on God, the protector of my energy.
I ask that he set up a force field of light as a windmill to keep my aura cleansed and protected.