One breath keeps life sustained.





Correct breathing brings the mind under control. Correct breaths are deep slow deliberate breaths.  Hold out your hands before you, palms up.  This lets the universe breathe through you. (There are minor Chakras in the palms of your hands.)  As you know when you are angry, your breathing becomes hard, uncontrolled, irregular, and labored.  If you are scared your breath becomes shallow.  You might find your attention drawn to your heartbeat, perhaps even hold your breath.  In any condition, your breath reflects the inner condition of your mind.

Yoga calls breathing “Prana,” the life force within our bodies. It can also be called the intelligent energy that lives through all forms of life or creation.  If you learn how to control it, you can help aid or control others.  It is what I call positive control or good ego.  We reap many rewards from good breathing: calmness on a deep satisfactory health related level, earthly stability, physical stability, and vigor.  The physical process of breathing involves using the life force of the energies of the cosmos.

When we practice Yoga the movements we make keep our physical body as well as our mind in tune with the energy of the cosmos.  We learn how to move and control the air all around us to be beneficial to our energies, growth, and health.  Yogis call this “energy control” or “Pranic energy.”  It means the ability to control the flow of Prana in your body and to be able to draw energy into the body at will.

Respiration and circulation are controlled by the medulla oblongata, an organ located in the brain stem.  The medulla is the negative pole at the center of energy and consciousness.  It has it’s positive pole at the point between the eyebrows,  the third eye.  By focusing the attention and tuning into the third eye (spiritual eye or forehead)  through certain focusing techniques and meditations, we can shift control of the breath from the autonomous medulla to the frontal lobes of the brain, which are the centers of conscious awareness.  The spiritual eye is the doorway to cosmic awareness.Some literature about Yogananda says that when the human heart stops beating, upon death, you go through a dark tunnel towards a brilliant white light.  This “tunnel” is in fact the inner spine, which can be entered through a deep meditation.  The light seen at death is the spiritual eye.  The first part of the body to be formed in the womb is the medulla oblongata.  Thus it seems somehow appropriate for life to leave the body by the same doorway.

If we open ourselves to deep breathing, we can learn to internalize our own awareness.  We can learn to stay calm between many trials and tribulations, to feel peace, and to concentrate much better on our tasks and our work.  Deep open breathing accompanies an open accepting attitude toward life.  Inhalation is associated with an upward stimulating movement of energy in the spine region.  If you inhale good thoughts you also take in the good understanding of the earth.  When you exhale, you rid yourself of negative thought.  Never force exhalation, as done correctly, it rids the mind of toxic waste, bad thought forms, and negative energy.  The movements and breaths we take, in and out, guide our subconscious while opening up our channels, expanding our energies to feel good.  when you stimulate this flow with your breath, you will find your thoughts all changing automatically.  Your subconscious takes over completely.