Face the past and Move along little doggie!

Dear me, “The sky is falling” it seems to me as we leave 2007. Are some of you feeling a perilous passage as we face 2008? We can talk about the economy, geographical changes, past communications that went sour, etc… However, I am speaking to your emotional life and your mind! Yes, your heart and spirit are changing and it is no longer questionable that life, in general, has to change so we can move on to our dreams and desires!Over the past several years many structures of “old” life have come into change and question.

Expected outcomes even dissolved. Many of you are now aware we have made sudden

leaps in spiritual understanding and the old world is undetermined.

The evolution on your Earth and if Earth, herself is in the midst of a dynamic shift- guess what,YOU are part of it!

The pulling of others control which angers our joyful spirit, must be stopped by our

intuitive knowing and understanding of love. That is..the magic you need to enforce has

several pathways that will leave you to the point of dealing with your own consciousness and

realization of your own divinity. It is time to get past the old patterns and move on.

An excerpted from Abraham Hicks teachings:

“You don’t have to go back and deal with childhood issues, because those childhood issues

produced a vibration within you that you are still offering-which is producing todays issues.

You can shift your vibration a whole lot easier when you’re dealing with todays issues, then trying to deal with childhood issues. It is part of the same vibration. That vibration of childhood, is now creating today issues. Deal with it in your now. Which thought feels better?

Which thought feels better? Which thought feels better?”

In Numerology, numbers have Universal meanings and can ususally tell what is in store for us.We are entering into a #1 year which can promise a new beginning for all of us.2+0+0+8=10 (We never count zero’s)What a creative year this promises..that is, if you let go of your old baggage and put the garbage of past into your own mental recycle bin. A one year will be an excellent time to not only plan but create for your long term future. 2007 should have put your old creations to bed!What a fantastic time to be alive!! So don’t neglect old details. We have become who we are and if you didn’t like yourself fix it… Be creative, unique and love your new self.

To be continued…..