“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” 
I love that quote from Charles Swindoll because it acknowledges an enormous power you sometimes forget you possess. If you aren’t having much fun these days, you need to be reminded.  After that, you may want to make the choice to use the power to get yourself unstuck.  
There has been an energy tug-of-war going on that’s wreaking havoc everywhere. External distractions are overloading most of you and almost forcing you to retreat inward.  This is an intense time, full of dizzying confusion. It’s not your imagination and it’s not happening just to you.  The world “out there”  is built on social media, cell phones, celebrity nonsense, marketing blitzes and sales pitches from every direction, and most of all FEAR.  This is a fear that goes to the core, that says everything and anything can be taken away, that you are not worthy, that there isn’t enough. that you aren’t safe.  It is a kind of prison. Think of it as 3rd dimension stuff.  There is educational value in experiencing this, but it’s an illusion. One-by-one you are outgrowing it. 
Then there is 5th dimension stuff, what you might call a unified field where there is no separation, only connection, only LOVE.
We are in the midst of a graduation process, from one dimension to another. Part of getting through that process has to do with letting go of the things you don’t need to take with you.  Energies of spring, of renewal, are surging within you to push you forward and get some oomph behind you, As the vibrations speed up and the energy builds, you will finally sense movement, a lifting.  This is part of letting the boundaries dissolve, of knowing who you are in a higher state of potential.
No matter what happens, do your best to not react with fear and anger. You may instinctively do so because the surge of energy is bringing everything to the surface.  This is kind of like dredging a canal and seeing all the muck and goop suddenly show itself.  You are being called to be part of writing a new script for yourself but you can’t bring the fear with you. Give it the old the heave ho.  Remind yourself that you deserve the opportunity to realize more of who you really are.  If you are holding onto fear and anger, it’s probably because they represent familiar territory and you tend to fall back on familiar patterns of life.  We all do, but it’s time to break the chains and free yourself.  This kind of energy will produce a ripple effect, which will help others gain momentum. 
You only limitations are the ones that exist in your mind.  Do a meditation in which you reach back and speak to your younger self.  Find peace, send love, offer encouragement.  If something back there is bothering you, heal it now. 

Your only limitations are what exists in our minds.  Go back to your youth and talk to yourself to find peace if something is bothering you.

Breathe it all in.