Hello All!

Since you have scrolled down on the blog, you can see that I started way back when, (and too bad it doesn’t start with the latest writings), and you can see I never continued to write all of my feelings back then. So…where did I go? Basically alone, digging deep into my inner being, to see what will occur in the coming years on our planet, and to personally clean out my own inner blocks at the same time.
So, I shall begin by telling you that this blog is my inner forum to have conversations with myself, and that a big part of my life has been centered in and around my metaphysical research and my interest, always, in the “Unseen World!” I have always been prompted by inner voices telling me soon this will happen or soon that will happen… However, between you and me, soon, seemed to be years away as I discovered.
My “voices“, as a conscious channel, helped me to help and understand others who feel lost, cast away, without love. I knew there would come a time of great change on Earth before the year 2013. Not only me, but many kindred souls on this planet have received the message and calling from the “Godhead”.
Now…I shall open you to “the can of beans”! We shall start with fear!!! We have entered into a very serious and major cosmic, as well as transformational, reality, similar to that experienced by the American Colonists during their 1776 leap to freedom under the monarchial rule. Well, for one thing, it means that the consciousness of the world and the world’s populous has finally started to awaken. 2008 is the starting gate of great change and we are increasing speed and momentum. Certainly, many of us had to be hit in the pocket to be ready for major and drastic change, ( If we have not been already feeling something in the wind over the last few years).
True, our economic outlook looks dim, world events frightening, natural disasters, etc…I view this as a planetary purification and cleansing till spring of 2010. It pretty much feels like we have hit an emotional tailspin with making many lifestyle adjustments.
The planet Pluto’s energies began working their way to us in 2008, and will probably stay until the 2020’s. Certainly being the planet of explosive transformation, Pluto changes our planet’s consciousness to rather harsh lifestyles, personally and governmentally.
A healing regeneration / genesis will be ongoing on the planet for rebalancing and the rebirth of all that choose to stay alive in a physical body. A transformation always involves the destruction of old ways, and I don’t believe this cathartic process will happen overnight.
You have all chosen to be born here for whatever reason, so now is the time to live your truth, to manifest what you came to earth to do or learn, and…finish the task! In other words, the illusion of the old earth is gone. Get it?? Your plastic credit card is erased from the old groove. Right NOW.. the void and fog ,we have been feeling , will be lifted beyond the five senses as we move into a higher vibration with less stress, more clarity regarding our futures, and maybe some joy? It’s up to each individual.
In order for all life’s problems to change, one must first alter the old thought forms so that a new reality can be re -birthed. You can’t “hope” away the old any more than you can “hope” the new into being. This is not called change, just the other side of the old thought form. Real change ceases to experiece all difficulties of the past, and to embrace a brand new thought form of what you want to come to you.
TRUST that your beliefs can shift, and then…all life’s experience will and can change. Taking responsibility and action is the motor for change. Energy is everywhere, and everything is energy. It is in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and we also carry it in the physical vessel we call our body, in a multitude of variations, frequencies, light waves, feelings, etc…
When one is blocked mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, it causes the body stress, and energy gets stuck or imbalanced, perhaps, misaligned. The most stress comes from unrsolved experiences, disappointments, repressed anger, emotional trauma and loss. These issues are what is most needed to resolve. ALL OF THIS RESULTS IN: DISEASE, ILLNESS, ETC…THAT, NEEDS TO BE WORKED ON!!
As the “Law Of Attraction” says: “If you want to attract more success and abundance into any area of your life, you need to change your vibration first.” The vibration must be lined up with (or match) your desires, (money, a relationship, a stronger body) in order for your emotional and physical results to follow and show up in your physical life.”
What is your vibration? Your vibration represents your current emotion, the essence of how you are “humming” , or the “level” of your mood and feeling. We fail to see that our blocks magnetize the wrong situations or the destructive ones in our lives. To get through the fog, we all need to feed a new vibration, to move onto the vibration of Genesis. (new beginnings Perhaps.?)
Everything has a spirit. Some call it God, Buddha, etc…and the spirit world is more real than anyone believes. Water is sacred, our DNA sacred. Feeling love is sacred. Change is not negative. It is EVOLUTION!
Self empowerment is my message………………Collectively we are all feeling the wobble as we merge more light into our lives. Now we must be responsible and take care of all our loose ends. I believe that 9/11 opened our eyes to our spiritual side and forced us to begin to break our negative patterns.
“Love thy neighbor” is the most effective tool for healing. We are one family. A brand new cycle has emerged in this lifetime, integrating a “so called” heaven on earth, IF you can meet the challenge!! My feelings are that we seem to be moving into the next 4 to 5 years downloading who we are. It is all up to you!

Healthy blessings and to our harvest of enlightenment. Will connect again soon*